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Throwing a Halloween party?


Ok, so there isn't a Halloween tradition in my country, though we do have a similar spooky celebration, but, still, the whole Halloween marketing empire got here too. So there are carved pumpkins and dancing Halloween parties everywhere. In fact this is just an excuse for one more party, no trick or treat here.

This will make a nice welcome for your partying friends: Wood and vinyl Halloween sign, $15 from Etsy seller OffWoodlandLane. Halloween Door SignHalloween Door Sign

The witch is my favorite character (that's the dark side of me talking) and if it's your Halloween choice too take a look at these findings. Try not to dress up in a special gothic costume, it looks so silly. Show some creativity with your make up and accessory and wear a simple and fashionable outfit like a mid-length black shirtdress and a pair of black lace-up ankle boots.

Bellwether DressBellwether Dress

Salvador Sapena Ankle BootsSalvador Sapena Ankle Boots

Etsy Halloween ShowcaseEtsy Halloween Showcase

Bellwether Dress (cotton and polyester), $218,

Salvador Sapena Lace Front Ankle Boots (leather), £120, They come in red leather, too.

Eyeball Ring (painted glass and sterling silver), $77, seller jessitaylor,

Prehistoric Amber and Brass Dragonfly Necklace, $54, seller JewelsofLuxury,

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Next halloween, don't forget about the ghillie suits! They go great with anything. :)

:)) funny...