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Independent Fashion: Style Server


I'm amazed at how many and wonderful fashion labels can be accessed through the internet. I'm glad I stumbled upon this online shop StyleServer that promotes independent designers, maybe you've been aware of it longer than I was, and, under its patronage (or maybe is the other way round) this great fashion and art blog: Bored&Beautiful. The shop is based in Berlin and it sells independent international labels, among which Adddress became my new favorite.



What is great about independent labels is the high quality of fabrics and finishes, some with haute couture-worthy details. Just look at this jumpsuit from Presque Fini.

StyleServer online shop

There are also some very interesting accessories and jewelry labels among which Arena10/Copenhagen enchanted me with its pure, minimalist design.

Accessories and jewelry from StyleServer

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I love adddress as well! My favorite: the second pair of trousers.

Like most things in life, I think indepedent is the way to go! Usually breeds the best, most conciencious artists who truly have their finger on the pulse.

the grey tube overalls are so cute...thanks for the tip!

Internet shops provide us one more wonderful opportunity to buy fashion labels.
I mean finding online clearances and fashion auctions. Sometimes online stores do all that job themselves buying at clearance and selling with a huge discount.
Anyway I don't buy clothing offline anymore :)

The best thing about shopping online is that you can get access to the worlds designers in just a few clicks, a my fav at the moment is they have great australian designers and with the Australian Exchange rate you can get real bargins!