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The new poncho


I was browsing through a mid 80s catalogue and staring at those colorful, folksy, silly ponchos. I mean who wore that?

I know that 80s bold bright colors have come back in fashion but not in this “lethal” combination. The new poncho is either grey, black or in earthly hues, has a rich texture, adorned with fringes (now I regret never taking knitting class); and, as you all know big knits are a fall fashion must-have, why not choose a cozy oversized poncho?

The new ponchoThe new poncho

There are also patterned ponchos made from cloth fabric, resembling more a cape than a poncho, like that one from Tommy Hilfiger. My choice: I’ll go for the black, elegant, loose knit poncho from Armani.

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And what do you think about my handmade ponchos? :D

wow...they're nice! I love the crocheted ones! keep up the good work :)