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Keep your shoulders strong!


The bold shoulder was a quite shocking trend when it reappeared on the fashion scene two seasons ago with Balmain jackets, Balenciaga tops and Givenchy couture. Not many dared to try it as the rule was you have to be as fierce as this new style.

strong shoulder trend - resort 2010

Anyway the news is this trend is going to stay for 2010 and, happily for me, it will channel more bohemian, romantic Belle Epoque (with sheer and lace fabrics) or the refined late 30s-early 40s era and less tough-looking 80s.

Expect to see strong shoulders continued with puffy, drapey, tapered sleeves on just about every top from delicate blouses, cocktail dresses to blazers, trenches and even cardigans (see Marc by Marc Jacobs).

strong shoulder trend - spring 2010

Although classic neutrals, metallics and delicate blush tones dominate this particular voluminous cut and do look classier I can’t help drooling over the spring 2010 denim blue YSL dress.

What I love about the style is its ability of defining the silhouette; a strong shoulder top thins down the waist and balances a heavy bottom; shows also an ideal hourglass figure paired up with the modern tulip skirt or with the slick carrot trouser.

strong shoulder trend - prefall 2010

For petites like me a bold shoulder piece can be too overwhelming so a more subtle cut is mandatory. And also high-heels! This post was in fact inspired by a Urban Outfitters newsletter announcing me of a new mini collection arrival with highlights from Silence & Noise, Sparkle & Fade and Urban Renewal labels.

strong shoulder trend at Urban Outfitters

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what i like about the shoulder pads is that there are sizes that can look very subtle for those of us who should really not be wearing them. Then if you can pull it off and have the body shape for it, the regular wider ones.This collection is working for all body types.

I completely agree with herbalife, you definitely need to right body type to pull it off. If you have too large shoulders to begin with, then it will only make you look more square and boxy. Although, if you are lacking definition then this can be great!

Shoulders! Are we back in the eighties? Don't get me wrong I love the look. It was particularly good if your figure was not quite balanced as the big shoulders took the weight away. Loosing those shoulder pads though was never much fun!

Shoulder pads. Wow! Straight from the eighties. I recall placing larger and larger pads to broaden our shoulders as the pants to become wider. I am not sure If I could pull it off now! Great look though.