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Fashion Color Report Spring 2009


Spring 2009 will see the return of bright, cheerful colors in tempered combination with "deeper, translucent or neutral tones". Pantone Color Institute and New York fashion designers released a full report on the fashion colors, inspirations and must-haves for spring 2009.

Green is definitely the color of spring 2009 as it will invigorate us
and our wardrobes with three different tones: the quintessential
spring hue Vibrant Green, the calmer and sophisticated Dark Citron, and
clean, clear Lucite Green with a subtle shimmer.

Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2009

The other colors in Spring 2009 Pantone report are: sparkling Palace Blue, derived from the classic navy, a soft, summery purple hue - Lavender, fun and optimistic Super Lemon yellow and Salmon Rose  pink, sensual and elegant Fuchsia Red and the new neutrals Rose Dust, a pink-beige shade, and Slate Gray with bluish-green undertones.

The Pantone fashion report includes also some of the wardrobe staples of the up-coming spring as seen by New York's designers. Pointing out some of my favorites these are: a blue dress (Laura Poretzky for ABAETÉ), a layered, colorful, flouncy skirt (Nanette Lepore), a printed shirtdress (for Twinkle by Wenlan), anything with paisley or graffiti print, and a Grass Green vinyl rain jacket (David Rodriguez). 


See the entire report here.

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Hello, very interesting this note, the colors are adorable and can be combined with accessories and stones in those notalidades very well, greetings!

I love the colors! I can't wait for the spring collections to come out (hopefully on sale :) )

I'll take a cute little dress and a champaign flute!

Thanks for the advice.
xo xo

Im interested what 2009 will bring in terms of fashion. Thanks for the post, i appreciate your effort :)

I think noting new. Terms of fasion won't change fundamentally.
But colors are nice. Thanks for post

I can tell you that those colors have held true to this post.

You’re starting to see a lot of people wearing alot of bright, cheerful colors that you mentioned here. I think its great for fashion. Thanks for the post.

It will be interesting to see if the economy turning around will change color pallets. I personally prefer the brighter cheery colors.

I like the Grass Green vinyl rain jacket (David Rodriguez).