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Definitely a glamorous season


This season's key word: glamour. Fur, exotic skins and feathers adorned most of this fall's collections as if designers wilfully ignored PETA campaigns.

Fur short coatsFur short coats

Talking about fur it seems that the global warming determined designers to shorten the length: forget about Cruella’s look (that some old ladies still think is the expression of supreme elegance).

Now it’s all about subtle trimming and short coats like fur boleros, furry vests and short/three quarter/long sleeve cropped jacket. This younger look is accentuated by sporty details such as zippers, bold colors and hoods.


Cropped jacketsCropped jackets

Cropped jacketsCropped jackets

The good news is that eco-friendly faux fur looks as fabulous as the real deal and these four chic faux-fur coats are the proof to that. From left to right: Faux Fur Cropped Jacket, $75, from Etsy seller, flummoxia, Vintage fur shrug, $42, from salvagelife (etsy), Lucky 13 Rockabilly Ruthless Cheetah Swing Coat, $79.99, from seller, noir_industries and Golden Brown Faux Fur Vintage Bolero Jacket, 28$, also from an seller- snowkittyblue.

Faux-fur coatsFaux-fur coats

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Authentic Canadian Mukluks with fur here I come! can't wait to get a fur bolero to match my Canadian mukluk boots!

I have never and will never consider fur chic or stylish. It should never be declared "in" by anoyne with a conscience!

It isn't just the "old ladies" (whatever age that is supposed to be) that enjoy wearing faux or real fur. Why some of you think your opinion against it matters is beyond me. Imposing your brand of morality is not a good idea. It won't win friends or influence people. If you actually had a conscience, you wouldn't vote pro-choice.