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prints and patterns

Lena Criveanu Spring/Summer 2008

This is only the forth signature collection for Romanian designer Lena Criveanu and she is already considered one of the most valuable names in Romanian fashion. Among the top three, I'd say. After her debut in 2006, her career went sky high, the designer being able to build, in merely two years, a strong label with a definite style.

Lena Criveanu Spring/Summer 2008

Lena Criveanu Spring/Summer 2008

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Peep Toe Espadrilles

Peep Toe Espadrilles

Plaids are IN for spring 2008

Plaids are no longer fall season prints. In fact I saw many fashion rules being dashed these past few season and that's a good thing, right? That's what it's all about, a permanent change and reinterpretation. I very much like this doll house (bathroom, in fact) setting from Alice+Olivia fashion show.



Global Poetry

Ethnic accents continue to be a strong presence in fashion, merging into a globetrotter look. Spring 2008 means the revival of Asian influences brought forward into an eclectic mix: obi-style belts at Alessandro Dell'Acqua, variations on the Mao collar at 6267, Max Mara and Prada (and not only), silky fabrics, dragon prints and calligraphic motifs, kimono tops, caftan coats and cheongsam dresses. Designers took all this traditional elements from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture and created feminine, relaxed looks.

Asian Accents

Left to right: 6267, Alessandro Dell'Acqua and Malo.

Down: Rubin Singer, Martin Grant, MaxMara, Yohji Yamamoto and Prada.

Painterly Abstraction

After borrowing rich colors from brilliant painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer for their fall 2007 collections, designers kept an artistic mood and, for spring 2008, they came up with one of kind abstract painterly prints. This trend brings forward a palette of clear, intense colors with splashes of white and black.

Abstract PrintsAbstract Prints

Camouflage Print for Spring 2008

These past few seasons I hardly saw any camouflage prints like this coat from Undercover Fall 2007 collection. But for spring 2008 camouflage prints are used for all types of clothes and fabrics from sheer dresses to blazers and whole outfits.

Undercover Fall 2007Undercover Fall 2007

Red, White and Black

I love this crisp and dynamic trio of red, white and black. It's a classic one but always looks young and fresh. Many designers used it for their spring 2008 collections and I can see why. Neutrals combined with pops of bright red creates unique, distinctive outfits. All shades are used: poppy, tomato, rose red for an attention grabbing modern look.

Agnes B. Spring 2008Agnes B. Spring 2008

Mixing patterns

These are just a few examples of this fall’s eclectic trend. Never thought you could wear more than one printed piece? Where look how all our fashion no-no’s have been dashed this season.

Prints and patterns: Polka Dots

It seems like this season is going to be a fun one. The cheerful polka dots pattern is not a retro cliché anymore. Designers made it look modern and fresh for this season.

Mad about Plaid… and checks

The classic fall pattern is brighter and bolder than before. I’ve seen it almost everywhere, from preppy youthful looks to “hunting club” outfits and even on cocktail dresses and delicate blouses.

Bold stripes are in!

Sure, pinstripes are still fashionable, suitable for business attire or for a forties style chic outfit.

Bold stripesBold stripes

The Plaid Trend

Britt chic plaid pattern is a classic fall feature. That shouldn’t stop you from wearing it in the summer season.

Plaid Trend