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biker jacket

Spring fashion in the streets

I have to say this: I just love to see how people pull together great outfits for ordinary days. That is why I constantly looking into street style blogs. Regarding fashion trends, the street takes on some and recycles others in countless creative ways.

Who said leggings went out of fashion? Well here they are, graphic print leggings along with knee socks are making the transition between seasons in a playful puckish style.

leggings and knee socks

leggings and knee socks

What am I wearing this month?

October is the perfect time for wearing a biker jacket, a very short and fit one, and suede ankle boots. It’s still pretty sunny outside and it doesn’t rain that much. Skinny or straight jeans go perfect with this outfit and I love this long grey sweater with a cowl-neck. I’m in a search for one alike. Grey and brown, these are my favorite hues for this fall.