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Vegan handbag label Samsara supports social causes

More often fashion and non-profit organizations team up for charity work and donations. One of these worthy initiatives belongs to canadian accessories label MATT & NAT with its newest vegan handbag collection entitled samsara.
This eco-friendly, affordable line ($35-155 price range) donates one dollar per sale to one of the four causes voted by viewers: International Aid, Women's issues, Animal Welfare or the Environment. Samsara bags and wallets reveal a clean, modern design with bold metal details and come in four chromatic styles: black, cognac, plum and white.  
samsara handbags
From a thirty-day vegan lifestyle experiment to the launch of an eco-friendly fashion accessories label is not a very long road and Matt&Nat's owner and creative director Inder Bedi knows it best. The brand's philosophy combines "a design centric focus with environmental consciousness" exploring new eco fabrics such as the recycled water bottles initiative.
Thirteen years from its start, international recognized Matt&Nat is a true path breaker on vegan luxury and one of Canada's leading accessory brands. 
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On the first picture I'd prefer the vaughan.... And also kali very actual model. In my opinion, all collection is very nice.

Its always nice to find fashion labels being socially responsible. I particularly support causes for the environment.

I like the Matt&nat collection, it shows that eco friendly bags can be this chic.

i've actually had bad experiences with matt & nat...the quality of their bags is awful! but i really like vegan handbags, so i was stoaked to find the brand Cherry Berry! cherry berry has vegan handbags and they are SO hot!