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Online shopping can be a bit of a problem sometimes, you know. It takes a lot of time to browse through all those online stores that keep coming up and maybe you don't get the best of what you could because don't have an overview of the online market. And, with shoes, you want to find out the best deals.

Well,, the online shopping search engine solves this problem. My first search was peep toe espadrilles, as I wanted a pair of these- I think they're chic and comfy too. The search offered me a lot of information I needed like the average market price for this type of shoes, which is $59.00, top popular brands, shoes on sale and popular stores with store ranting list.

Peep Toe Espadrilles

Peep Toe Espadrilles

With the polka dot trend getting big this spring I wanted to see the offer on polka dot pumps and the search lead me to these beautiful pump shoes shown below. Oh...and the average market price on this style is $55.00.

Polka Dot Pumps

Polka Dot Pumps

You can search all types of shoes such as APE Sneakers, if say you want to surprise your boyfriend with one pair, and will provide the same structured info. Want to know the average market price on this? I was kind of surprised to know that's higher than for a pump shoe: $89.00.

If you're not sure what to buy you can save all the items you've recently viewed and decide later. But for this you'll have to sign up which is very easy and time saver. I've already bookmarked and plan to use it next time I'm shopping online or just browsing.

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The Dolce and Gabbana pump is absolutely gorgeous that I will probably have to settle for the pair of platform pumps by Steve Madden. I absolutely adore peep toe pumps! For that matter I adore polka dots! I'm painting polka dots on the walls and the furniture as well as buying shoes covered in them. They are just so perky and perfect for spring that I may get the Naughty Monkey and the Steve Madden pair!

Thanks for the info. I've been using the find for several years now. They are one of the best shoe finder out there.

Thanks for the post, must check this out.

Finding shoes can be a problem but look no further with a measuring feet page help you find what width you are.

Great website looks like a good website. I like the fact you can go to one central location can you don't have to bounce around other websites looking for your product.. Thanks for the find! (no pun intended).