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DBD. The launch of a new fashion label


Here is a good proof that fashion blogging can lead to success. I'm proud to announce that fellow blogger Diana Bobar from SoFash'on launched this very month a fresh new fashion label, called DBD. Diana, a Romanian talented art student started blogging in search of a way to express her thoughts on fashion, art and lifestyle. Her blog is also used as a "showroom" where she displays her designs.

Diana Bobar Design spring 2008

She previously sold her designs through Indie Coterie, an online shop showcasing independent designers' works. These are my favorite DBD looks, especially the purple dress with gold hand painted prints. The designer wanted her first major collection to speak about herself that's why she used a lot of pleating, ruffles, draping and hand painted details. The chromatic scheme is very likeable: white, black, greige, lavender and also hot pink, reds, purples and blues.

DBD spring 2008

Check out the entire DBD spring '08 collection on Diana Bobar's blog, So Fash'on.

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