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Joodito Clothing


While browsing for interesting crafters I stumbled upon Joodito, a young self-taught designer from Boston. She makes one-of-a-kind clothes, tops, so far, (sweatshirts, tees, tunics) from salvaged and recycled materials constructed in free style, by organic, experimental methods.

Joodito Clothing

Joodito Clothing

Joodito Clothing is defined by a playful patchwork styling with exposed zippers and big buttons, soft fabrics like cotton jersey, muted colors (with bright splashes) and a love for high collars. She gets inspired by random things like uniforms and geometric shapes working without any previous sketches or patterns. Therefore, no two garments are alike.



You can shop for Joodito designs at or from

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great tops! they kind of remind me of Supayana's stuff.

That's nice, urban tailor offers something similar with their bandana jackets. You can select your fabrics and details on their website.

I live up here in Beantown. See if I can check her out in person!


I love love love the shirts in the top pictures. Where can I get them?? When I press the link to buy, they only have 5 items. Help! email me at if you have any info.

Those 5 items at Etsy are the latest designs. Joodito works experimentally (one item per design) so the shirts you like are most probably already sold. But you can contact the designer through her Etsy page or at and I'm sure she will redesign your favorite pattern.
Good luck!

This stuff is a little fashion foward for my taste. Interesting though,