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''s weekend!' Outfit


For every girl out there who can still enjoy weekends and doesn't have to work her ass off (gosh, no! I'm not talking about me) I put together a cute outfit for a sunny, chilly, early spring free day. You might need an overcoat, though.

weekend outfit

weekend outfit

Plaid Zipper Vest, $22.80, Forever21.
Knit Top, $19.99, Charlotte Russe.
Ankle Skimmer Jeans, £25.00, Oli boutique.
Canvas Bow Flats, $18.99, Charlotte Russe.
Merona Elle Eyelet Skimmers, $14.99, Target.
Victor Osbourne diamond porkpie hat, $250.00, Oak store.
Princess Tina canvas makeup purse, $38.00, Chocosho.
Necessary Objects Newport Tote, $46.00,
Xhilaration Oblong Eyelet Scarf, $9.99, Target.
Soho Necklace, $7.80, Forever21.
wood & gold bangle set, $7.50, Claire's.

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No matter what I do, the vest style never seems to work for me. It's a shame too because I really like the style, but when wearing a shirt under it-- the shirt fabric bunches and makes the vest look really tight, and if I go to the next size up, the vest is too big.

Leave the vest open - that way you can get away with the smaller size, and not have to worry about bunching and gathering etc. Or, if you do want to do it up, err on the larger size and take it to a dress maker who can pin it into place it for a custom fit that won't bunch up