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Audrey Hepburn style


Audrey Hepburn captivated the audiences with her slender figure, aristocratic manners and graceful movements, representing not only a new look but also a new femininity. With her boyish body, pixie haircut and swan neck she complemented everything she wore.

Audrey StyleAudrey Style

The elegant Audrey was the complete opposite of some of her contemporaries as Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, because, by fifties standards, she was too tall and too skinny.

Her look was entirely original and rather than creating false curves, her clothes accentuated her slenderness. Audrey was a captivating combination of glamour and sophistication with inocence and fragility.

You can have Audrey’s look with this polished cashmere sweater and this mini pleated plaid skirt which i found on banana republic.

cashmere sweater Skirt Audrey was a fashion icon of the both Fifties and Sixties decade and still she inspires us with her stylish fashion choices. HepburnHepburn Choose for this winter a creamy white coat and a fluffy beret from Dorothy Perkins Winter coatBeretDorothy Perkins
and add this beautiful zebra print scarf for a little wild touch.

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she did not have a boys body!! Her body was lovely!!!

That's what I thought too. Boyish body? What in the heck are they talking about?!

That sure is one pretty boy. ;D

She has a great body, very skinny tho.

What she means is that compared to the contemporary of her day, her body had a much more slender, semi-athletic, boyish look, compared to the likes of Monroe.

so true!

i think audrey is stunning

There are 4 female body types for women.......THE PEAR- the woman that is bigger on the bottom, smalleron top.....THE CONE- the woman who is larger on the top smaller on the bottom......THE HOURGLASS-the woman that has her upper & lower body porpotion and has a small waist line......THE BOY or THE RULER- the woman who has a straight line from top to bottom, not very much curves.......Every women falls in one of these body types, Audrey Hepburn was under THE BOY/THE RULER type.

She truly does personify class, grace and beauty. I can't think of any hollywood women these days who come close to Audrey. Actually, nor in the recent past either. She was in a class all by herself.

She is an inspration to all girls now days. She is a role model we can look up to because not all stars are good role models nowdays.

Back in those days she was considered boyish esp compared to marilyn monroe... But she showed that everyone is beautiful in their own way