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Mythical scarves from Gris Neutre


I don’t think I have seen lately something lovelier than these gorgeous silk scarves from Portuguese label Gris Neutre. Hermès, move over! Founded in 2010 by an illustrator-designer (Sara Bento de Castro), a fashion designer (Marisa Ferra) and an anthropologist (Joana Gonçalo Oliveira) under the “modest” name of Gris Neutre, this label offers luxury accessories of pure silk printed with elaborated imagery that celebrates nature and humanity.

.Gris Neutre silk scarf, Impression of JanusGris Neutre silk scarf, Impression of Janus

Inspired by world mythology, history and evolution, the prints are original hand drawings translated into digital patterns. Their stunning elaborated motifs explore the interconnection between nature and technology. Gris Neutre also designs men's scarves with subtle, smaller scale prints and women’s limited series of blouses and t-shirts in the same delicate, sumptuous silk fabric. Gris Neutre products are available online at the label’s Big Cartel store or at Swanfield Boutique.

Gris Neutre silk scarf, Impression of PenelopeGris Neutre silk scarf, Impression of Penelope

Gris Neutre silk scarf, Impression of ParcaeGris Neutre silk blouseGris Neutre silk blouse, series 002Gris Neutre silk scarf, series 001Gris Neutre silk blouse, collection 001Gris Neutre silk scarf, Impression of Delmaet and Durandelle

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