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It's a Blue Christmas


Blue shades: cobalt, Klein blue, navy, teal, royal, ultramarine, sapphire and turquoise and all other bold blues.

Blue ChristmasBlue Christmas

1. Scoop Neck Ruched Front Tank Top, $20.50, Wetseal.

2. Blue Christmas Tinsel Garland With Silver Holographic Snowflakes, $6.99,

3. Blue leather clutch, $75.00,

4. Paradise Tinsel Tree - Blue, $129.99,

5. Angel Down Candleholder, $89.99, Target.

6. A.V. Max Round Cabochon Bracelet, $36.00, South Moon Under.

7. Anna Lou Blue and Grey Lucite Faceted Drop Earrings, £10.00 , Accessories Studio.

8. Christmas Angel Ornament, $16.99,

9. Tano Wallet, $68.00, South Moon Under.

10. Colours Frosted Tealight Venetian Blue, £10.00 , Home360.

11. Razak bib front dress Pacific, $230.00, Madaboochoo.

12. Jeffrey Campbell Vivid Heel, $39.99 , Urban Outfitters.

13. Eley Kishimoto Suede Sandal, £185.00 ,

14. Candle in a Jar, $3.99, Target.

15. Auld Lang Syne Clutch, $34.00, Urban Outfitters.

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Never thought I'll turn Christmas blue but this collection of blue lovelys is giving me second thoughts.

That pair of Lucite Faceted grey and blue Drop Earrings is really lovely.