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Neo-grunge fashion


Designers took an inspiration from the early 90s and brought back the grunge fashion.

At that moment it was about a laid back lifestyle and not caring about your look, the grunge style being, in fact, an anti-fashion movement.
Now the grunge trend means layering more fitted pieces and gaining a more elegant look. Although Marc Jacobs was the one that brought grunge style to runway, I think I favor the more chic touch: layers like belts and scarves, black leggings or tights and high heels.
Let’s forget about oversized beanies, ankle leg warmers, knee ribbed socks or army boots. They’re just horrid!
Grunge fashion
Grunge fashionGrunge fashion

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Grunge is a type of guitar playing. Why should nay of you dress grunge. Grunge isen't hundred dollar riped jeans. Quit beeing fake and be yourself. Grugne, Bet you don't even know who mudhoney or l7 is.

I agree, Grunge is not fashion, it is a type of american alternaitve guitar playing. It is illagal in seattle to act rich(actually fake beeign rich). They should make a law makign it illeagal to act poor. Kurt did not shop at mac jacobs. It was thrift stores and JcPenny. FAke people I tell you.

Can't any of you retards spell or compose a gramatically correct sentence? Are you too fucking lazy or just too stupid to read through your comment before you submit it?

who the hell said it was illegal in seattle to act rich?
i live in seattle and never knew of this so called crime whom ever wrote this is a compleat idiot. sorry but you fail

my god.
mudhoney.. I7.. jesus lizard.. screaming trees?? damn. wow.

luv! mudhoney btw...and the scream, The MELVINS awesome

Wow, you guys suck at spelling. But you have valid points. I grew up in the grunge scene in my little backwards Midwest town. Designer clothing was not at all a part of it. We shopped at Salvation Army and Goodwill. We shopped at underground type stores where we could find decent boots and our favorite rock and punk shirts. Our jeans were ripped and stained because we didn't really care if our clothes got screwed up. All we really cared about was mucking out an existence in this truly screwed up world. And we consciously rejected materialism in all its forms. So $50 for some jeans? Yeah right! Maybe $5. For me the most important thing about the grunge scene wasn't the style. It was the music, the realism of other "grunge" people, and the rejection of traditional values that were restrictive to the free expression of an individual. But that's just me.

i agree with your idea about grunge ,even i think almost same about grunge

this is the least grunge thing ive seen in years
calling this grunge back then would have gotten you beaten up
this is just people taking something and twisting it to there own "fashionable" view

this is NOT grunge fasion! are you kidding me?! Grunge was never a 'FASHION' style. it was merily a type of music (a GOOD type of music) that many people in this particular genre wore flanel shirts etc.- coming into the fashion part. however, never did these amazing Grunge Legends (ie. Kurt Cobain and Layne Stanley rip) want their revolution on the runways in paris and whatever. it's not the way it should have been. it's things like this that ruined them.

WHAT IS THIS?! Grunge?! THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF GRUNGE. Grunge isn't a design. Grunge is music. why do all these designers insist on exploiting everything?! Can we just have ONE MUSIC ONE STYLE where designers won't KILL it?

Wow. a bunch of skinny girls in thousand dollar clothes with their hair and make-up done to the full on a runway. haha, yeah if that's grunge Magical Pig poop rains on the sky as we all try to catch it in our mouths to get magical powers. and in case you haven't gotten my point yet, THIS IS NOT GRUNGE. THIS IS EXPLOITATION OF GRUNGE. I mean COME ON. What are they wearing?! Is this fashion?! I know you could do better then that.

Fashion takes its inspiration from everything, even from music. So don't take it personal and don't leave useless comments.

Models aren't slim. Models are walking sticks on the brink of death. Anybody that looks like they could be broken in half by a strong wind is too skinny.

The fashion industry didn't seek inspiration from the Grunge music seen. It flat out exploited it.

M'kay, marc jacobs, a real live actual fan of all these musicians is the one who truely brought grunge fashion to the world. he did it because the music sparked his creativity and for the same reason you might wear a band shirt. The thing is that there have been few to no clothing movement not inspired by musicians that have become iconoclast. And grunge is a fashion, even when it costs $50 for a pair of jeans. The reason the ppl in seattle probablly didnt believe in this was because like most other people in seattlle, THEY WERE TOO POOR. similar to now which is why nu-grungers mix expensive items that are made from quality material and will actually last for more than a day with thrift store finds. It's a look, mass hysteria, and even though there are alot of poseurs out there grunge fashion isn't an exploitation of the wonderful music, it's an extension of it's life through people who believe in the power of creativity and music.

Relax people! Lol, it's just a term! What else would you call this style? I guess you could call it messy, mismatched or second hand, but they just don't have the same ring. Idk, whatever :)

you have a very good point.

I don't see how any of those outfits are "grunge", they look like they're trying way too hard. If you're going to call grunge a type of fashion, it should at least be un-fake...

And is that model in the top right wearing a fur hat?? Nuff said!

hmm ok maybe marc jacobs is inspired by the grunge music, grunge style. but he is just putting a bit of them in his collection. maybe like the messy layering, colour. Not all of the aspect. not copying the whole things.
maybe that's why these look not grunge enough

ok- so grunge does not have to be designer it can also include clothing from thrift shops and what not, before you are so quick to say that grunge is music and not fashion look around. almost every thing in the world can be translated into fashion. fashion is inspired by people,artists, music, etc, fashion has the possibility to come from anyone or anything. the people who are considered grunge or the music often sport a different look, this look was seen as inspirational and brought to the run way, but also to the mass market. grunge is a style of clothing, as it is an expression and interpretation of the grunge that you know.