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Hippie Chic Comes Back


Here’s good news for those who aren’t into the neon colors trend this summer: 70s bohemian chic has return on fashion scene.

Flower prints, flowing maxi dresses with billowing sleeves, wide-leg pants, fabrics like lace, silk and chiffon, soft leather and suede, macramé detailing and fringes are the key features of this romantic look.

Hippie ChicHippie Chic

Charlie’s Angels inspired wide-leg pants and jumpsuits, leather vests and suede suits while soft fringes in brown recreates a rodeo show vibe. All these bring back a cool, fresh look, something between innocence and sassy flair.

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If only the fashion world would inject some soul into their campaigns...

maybe we could avoid such arguments!

High fashion suffers from seriously believing it's own hype, so I can understand one angry hippie's outburst at over paid models adorning clothes of, not only a particular style, but a movement in which people stood against this kind of consumerism. Let's try not put a price-tag on everything huh?
What baffles me though is why you need to spend big to feel comfortable in something. Who said?!!

I'm young enough for my parents to have missed the 60's but I'm old enough to know that not everything you are is on the outside.


Right... Why can't we just love each other, and not worry about what your neighbor is wearing. Be yourselves!

Im sorry, but the Hippie movement doesn't belong to you. Just because you partook in a certain belief system doesn't mean that all hippies did, and even if they did, its still very arrogant to define a movement by your own experience. Any artistic period weather it be Roccoco or Punk is there for any artist to interpret in any way they want. I think that you are the one that believes her own hype. The designer is simply making beautiful clothing that have meaning to them.

Being a hippie was about taking a stand against the goverment. Being a hippie isn't a style. My friends and family are hippies and let me tell you from personal experience, this is just sheer exploitation. Please take this down. This is just....garbage. Disgusting skinny runway model garbage.

Don't take it too's just fashion. everyone has the right to dress whatever they feel like, even if it's hippie style.

Really folks. Everything works. Anyone can wear just about anything as long as they are happy. That's all that matters. So quit the fighting. No fighting over who's the real hippie and who's the faux. Just LET IT BE. =)

Yeah, in a way.

But dressing in a certin fashion or somthing and not living it and beliveing just makes you a fake. That disgusts me when people can't just be themselves(and still be fashionable) I TOTALLY agree with the Anonymous person against this.

I completely agree with you. Hippie fashion is not meant for the runway. It gives the wrong idea of "hippie". For example, some girls in my class consider themselves "hippies" just because they wear peace signs and their MySpace shows of their fake nails on their index and middle fingers.

Oh my goodness. Do you go to my school?

This is a big problem in the world... people shouldnt have to be fit into any category... As a human being you can have several different styles and there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself with the clothes you wear.... Besides... just because you may dress in a hippie style doesnt mean you want to be a hippie and just because your a hippie doesnt mean you cant dress in a professional style... those were just examples but honestly its ridiculous!

Hippie Chic fashion is big for fall, and I think its nice that a look is available that isn’t a structured plaid look. I love the ease that this romantic look flows. Boho skirts, ankle booties, sweater vests, ruffles and fringe, all in warm tones of saffron and pumpkin.

OMG who is the designer of the fabulous yellow dress in the first picture? Love it.

omg what is the defenition of 'hippie' clothes???
ie=isnt hippie 'style' be yourself?
ho can yo be yourself if you follow the fashion trends??

I thought one of the ethos of the Hippie was to love their fellow man, to include everyone on a level playing field based on love for the same species; human. I was unaware of this elitist and separatist nature that only a certain person meeting a certain criteria could be a hippie. Agreed, capitalist society leads to consumerism, but do you know, rather than assume, the lifestyles of each and everyone of the models/designers? They are not stating to be 60's original hippies, neo-hippies for an age in just as desperate need for lifestyle re-adjustment and the fact that the catwalk is recognizing this new-wave of hippie means that there are people fighting for and living the neo-hippie lifestyle. And besides, if you are that hippie, I have to ask; what are you doing on a fashion website???

"What are you doing on a fashion website?"
Thank you! I was about to say the same thing!

Besides... all style comes from somewhere! What's wrong with high fashion that comes from the hippie era?

Hello Hippie Chic… I love reading your blog since its about the 70s nostalgic you know and I was wondering how you could help me.

I’m a very fashion conscious person thanks to your blog and similar others. But in my town I don’t have access to better private label designers.

I was hoping you could give me a top ten list or more of your favorite online boutiques that have price points between $250.00 and $1000.00 per item.

I love fashion accessories to, so feel free help me get very fashion creative.

All other commenter’s of this blog please contribute your favorite online stores to me as well.

A Fashion Conscious Personality