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romanian designer

Maria Lucia Hohan's girlie glam credo

Maria Lucia Hohan is one of those quiet designers who steer clear of the gossip scene while focusing on developing a strong high-fashion brand. The result is red carpet recognition at the most important film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, BAFTA) and an international marketplace: MLH is present in big cities like New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Oslo, Athens or Singapore and online also.

Maria Lucia Hohan fw2009/2010

Andreea Tincu pre-fall 2009 collection

Surprisingly polished collection from one of the Romanian art - trained designers, Andreea Tincu was presented at Pret-A-Porter Paris Fashion Trade Show.

Inspired by the futuristic, austere atmosphere of Gattaca (the movie) along with the concept of the new metropolis, Tincu's prefall 2009/2010 collection displays precise cuts and geometric volumes.

Andreea Tincu prefall 2009 collection

Coca Zaboloteanu shoes

Coca Zaboloteanu is an emerging Romanian shoe label synonym for playful-retro-chic style. Coca, a 26 years old fashionista, got a BA in Dental Medicine but decided to make her passion for shoes into a fashion business.

She started by drawing sketches and getting professional manual labor while learning shoe manufacturing techniques by herself. Shortly after she opened a small design studio in Bucharest and launched an exclusive line of unique shoes.  


Coca Zaboloteanu fall 2008 line


Fabulous knits at Romanian Fashion Week

Romanian Fashion Week also featured beautiful knitwear starting with young designer Andra Clitan who presented her MA graduate collection inspired by the Hindu culture.

Andra Clitan at Romanian Fashion Week

Andra Clitan at Romanian Fashion Week

Romanian Fashion Week: Claudia Castrase

One of my favorite collections shown at Romanian Fashion Week is "Geometrics" by Claudia Castrase. The designer made her debut with the fall 2007 season and, in a very brief time, she has developed a well-established brand and a recognizable style based on simple, minimalist cuts, mostly body conscious and a preference for abstract, geometric details.
Claudia Castrase fall/winter 2008/09

Romanian Fashion Week: Andreea Musat

The Romanian Fashion Days (8-9 May) staged thirty collections of Romanian designers destined for the fall/winter 2008/09 season. Six new names made their debut and one of them took the Mercedes Benz prize home. This was Andreea Musat with her wonderful "Winter Moods" collection.
Andreea Musat fall/winter 2008/09