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Sunglasses: a fashion statement

Spring/summer 2008 collections showed how important sunglasses have become. I'm sure that, as a true fashionista, you know what fashion accessories can do to improve one's personal style.

And sunglasses have their own share, especially in summer season. It's easy to go wrong, too; wearing a sporty-wrap sunglasses to a lady-like outfit is not good. Just like the shoes and the handbag, a pair of sunglasses must be coordinated with the style of your outfit.
Sunglasses summer 2008

First row: Versace, Michael Kors, Gucci.
Down: Calvin Klein, Marni and Bottega Veneta.

Diamonds are my new best friends

I admit that, until now, I did not have a very good opinion on diamond jewelry - I don't know why but I just always related them with a lack of taste, useless starlets (a.k.a. footballers' wives) and a cruel way of showing ones wealth (something like endangered species furs).

This was my impression until I stepped upon Apples of Gold Jewelry, an online seller specializing in gold jewelry, wedding rings, diamond rings and gemstone jewelry. What is great about this company, whose name derives from the Book of Proverbs, is its commitment for ethics, integrity and honesty in business, which is a rare thing when speaking about the luxury market in general, and about diamonds, in particular.

colored diamond rings

colored diamond rings

Like Wearing a Love Letter: Colleen Baran jewelry

I adore handmade designs; they send out so much of the creator's personality. As I laid my eyes on these gorgeous rings from Colleen Baran I just knew I had to have one. Colleen is a Canadian artist working in jewelry, photography and book-works, with a creating philosophy "based on a love of language, pattern and form".

You see me; ring by Colleen Baran


"You See Me" ring by Colleen Baran

Wooden jewelry

Wood has become quite a fashionable jewelry material. Up till now it was taken in consideration only to complement summery safari or afro inspired looks. But this season, thanks to designers like Fendi, Marni, and Missoni shown here, wooden jewelry add a sophisticated twist to any outfit. From earrings to bangles and necklaces, just take your pick.

Missoni spring 2008

Missoni spring 2008

Feathered gifts

As holidays are few days ahead I'm sure you made a shopping list or even bought some gifts. But if you're like me and leave everything for the last minute here is some shopping ideas for your fashion loving girl friends: feather accessories. You know feather detailing is a big trend for this season and will continue to be next spring too, but a big garment piece like those Prada coats covered in feathers will look at least awkward.
So think of embracing this trend with small accessories like bracelets, headbands or tiny party purses. Your friends will love you (at least this Christmas).

Feather Accessories

Fall Must Have: Cowl Neck Slouchy Hood

One of the many of this fall's trends that I'd like to take on but probably will end up being just a wish is the cowl neck knit hood-scarf. Why? Because it's one of those things that only tall and thin women can pull it off. I'm rather small and that slouchy knit hood would make my head look gigantesque. But, on the other hand I think this kind of hood must be very comfy and the winter is almost here.

Cacharel, Ellen Tracy, Miss Sixty

Spider Earrings

I know I might be a little bit late with this post as Halloween is only three days ahead but I can't ignore this trend in fashion accessories: spider jewelry. I especially like the spider and spider-web earrings for the creepy crawling through the hair effect.

Wendy Humphrey Etsy ShopWendy Humphrey Etsy Shop

Vintage silver jewelry

Amethyst ringWith vintage style being such a powerful trend in fashion right now, antique style jewelry like a simple silver pendant hanging on a plain leather string can make a fashion statement.

Semi-precious stones and dark silver recreates the old family jewel style, passed through generations, like this amethyst ring shown here, which is from

Animal prints in small bites

Who doesn’t find irresistible the wild and sexy mood of a right placed animal print? Well…I’m kind of fed up with so much animal prints seen this season. Feline or other wild animal skin from head to toe is a big fashion mistake. This Kenzo look shown here must not be tried at home, although I think the designer just wanted to have a little fun.

Big pieces like coats, dresses or skirts are, in my opinion, a bit washed up, a little bit to 80s- except for a fabulous silk flowing dress, à la Cavalli.

Animal printsAnimal prints

Belted style

I love fashion accessories but I don’t know what to think about belts. French Connection Leather BeltFrench Connection Leather Belt I’m rather small and a large belt like those seen on the runways would just make me look shorter.

Wooden necklace

Although the chilly weather makes you dress 3 or 4 layers and that’s fine if you are a layers trend’s fan that doesn’t mean you can not wear jewelry. Wooden necklace Wooden necklace
Marni necklace Marni necklace
Take example from Marni collection and wear a big necklace. I found this beautiful wooden necklace from Gem Style. It’s natural shades makes it perfect for a red sweater dress.

Winter hats

This trend started just a few seasons ago- the ladies hat, once an essential accessory for an elegant outfit, is yet again a fashion statement. They’re not only chic but very practical too. This season, women's fashion hats range from beanies, rib knit hats, simple berets to cloche hats, felted hats, schoolboy caps and Dr. Zhivago fur hats styles. I’m showing here three of the trendsetting styles this winter: the cloche, the fur hat and the newsboy cap. Nordstrom Faux Fur HatNordstrom Faux Fur Hat

Leave your hat on

I don’t know about your boots but this winter you must have a hat. And what sort of hat you might ask? Well, the newest trend is the small 20’s style fedora hat, very flattering for any type of face. I found this cute red hat on villagehatshop for only 22.95$. Red hatRed hat