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fall trends

Fall trend: chain details

Fashion rocks! This fall rough chick look reaches heavy metal level. Silver, gold and pewter chains are used as statement necklaces and as handbag handles.

Fall trend: chain details: Fall trend: chain details

This Fall's Worst Trends

Have you ever had a nightmare in which you show up at a public meeting or a gathering of some sort and everyone stares at you and begin to burst in demented laughter? And then you realize what caused such hysterics. You’re only half dressed: you have your shirt, jacket, hat (maybe), shoes and….panties-silly panties if you know what I mean.

Hot PantsHot Pants

A new take on an old classic. The Trench

I am crazy about trenches; I only had two although I wish I have a whole trench wardrobe. It’s something about the rich detailing: pockets, buttons, belt, shoulder boards. It’s the ultimate expression of the casual elegance. Anyway, each season I watch fashion trends to spot some new ideas. And for this fall designers have come up with some interesting takes on this classic fashion piece.

Luxurious fabrics: exotic leather and skins, satin and other glossy fabrics.

Luxe fabricsLuxe fabrics

Are suspenders this fall's trend?

I'm not sure what to think about the suspenders trouser pants/overalls trend. 70s inspired wide-leg pants, in neutral shades look fine but you should be careful what you wear them with. Stick to a feminine classy look: a delicate bow neck shirt or a cashmere turtleneck and definetely high heels shoes and a structured tote bag. As for those denim shorts with suspenders they look like early 90s kids or teenagers outfit. If you are teenager I guess they would look cool teamed up with striped tees and chunky boots for a grunge look. As for the quirky looking skinny sky pants - i don't see the point.


How to wear the leather biker jacket

Did you recently bought a leather jacket and don’t know how to wear it? I’m sure planning to invest in one as soon as possible. But it seems that the fashion elite have developed a sort of a uniform: a casual look with skinny jeans and white/grey tees or a more feminine style by teaming the leather jacket with shift dresses.

Casual StyleCasual Style

The new poncho

I was browsing through a mid 80s catalogue and staring at those colorful, folksy, silly ponchos. I mean who wore that?

Fall 2007 Must Have: The Jumpsuit

I’ve always thought, until now, that a jumpsuit is either a toddler “uniform” or a mother-to-be required outfit or…that puffy white cosmonaut suit. But…here comes spring ’07 and then fall ’07 seasons and my opinion changes dramatically.

The JumpsuitThe Jumpsuit

Mixing patterns

These are just a few examples of this fall’s eclectic trend. Never thought you could wear more than one printed piece? Where look how all our fashion no-no’s have been dashed this season.

Risky trend: Fringe Adornment

One of this fall trends that I wouldn’t consider trying on. I’m not talking about dresses; this season’s collections have come up with perfect choices for a night out: flirty dresses in flapper style or 60’s like swing minis. Silver, gold, white, nude or black are the right colors.

Fall Trend: Exotic Leather

This is the perfect time to let your wild side loose while looking amazingly polished (this fall’s key word). Luxurious croc and snake skin instantly “upgrades” your look.

Breakthrough trend: The White Pants

Up till now a summer piece, the white pair of pants has transcended the seasons’ limits. According to fall trends it’s more than ok to wear white in fall, in fact creamy white and ivory white have been spotted around in many of this season’s collections.

Bold coloured fashion accessories

Accessories are an easy way of working the colourful trend into your wardrobe. If you can’t picture yourself in rainbow clothes try a small doze by getting at least one of those bold, bright accessories.

Hot Fall Trend: The Menswear Vest

This is good news for those menswear trend lovers. If, till now, the vest put together a relaxed boyish look, worn with t-shirts and short shorts or with loose shirts and bermudas, this season it’s all about a grown-up look.

Prints and patterns: Polka Dots

It seems like this season is going to be a fun one. The cheerful polka dots pattern is not a retro cliché anymore. Designers made it look modern and fresh for this season.

Is the mini shift dress still in fashion?

And the verdict is…Yes! Still in fashion, the mini shift dress can be worn later this fall with opaque tights and ankle boots.

Mad about Plaid… and checks

The classic fall pattern is brighter and bolder than before. I’ve seen it almost everywhere, from preppy youthful looks to “hunting club” outfits and even on cocktail dresses and delicate blouses.

Bold stripes are in!

Sure, pinstripes are still fashionable, suitable for business attire or for a forties style chic outfit.

Bold stripesBold stripes

The Cropped Short Sleeve Jacket

A key piece for the past spring season, the cropped short sleeve jacket is a must have for fall. Combinations have changed, though. Leave away for next summer those breezy shorts, flirty skirts and flowing dresses. Fashion designers have come up with hot new looks.

Patent Leather Accessories

If you weren’t sure whether to invest in patent leather accessories, this season’s fashion collections blow away any doubts: patent leather is a hot trend for fall.

Are Bermuda shorts still in fashion?

I was more than happy to find out that knee shorts are still in style. Browsing through fall 2007-winter 2008 fashion collections I’ve discovered new stylish combinations. This season though it’s all about fit and a narrower silhouette so you should wear those narrower Bermudas you’ve bought last fall and leave those safari flowing shorts for the next summer season.