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fall fashion

Fall Must Have: Cowl Neck Slouchy Hood

One of the many of this fall's trends that I'd like to take on but probably will end up being just a wish is the cowl neck knit hood-scarf. Why? Because it's one of those things that only tall and thin women can pull it off. I'm rather small and that slouchy knit hood would make my head look gigantesque. But, on the other hand I think this kind of hood must be very comfy and the winter is almost here.

Cacharel, Ellen Tracy, Miss Sixty

Style on a budget: Balenciaga Fall 2007 Look

The fashion world is crazy about this season's Balenciaga collection. Everyone wants or speaks about those schoolboy blazers, fringe ethnic scarves and "patchwork" dresses. I must admit that I'm not a Nicolas Ghesquière fan but I love the multicultural feeling of this collection and the fact that finally his collection looks wearable. And those preppy looks...
As everyone else dreams about the navy blazer I'm more attracted by the white look. I must have a thing on white this season.

Balenciaga Fall 2007Balenciaga Fall 2007

Style on a budget: Recreating a Marc Jacobs look

Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers, not necessarily for his designs, which aren’t that brilliant, but for the impeccable styling of his shows and for the straightforward American spirit he sends forth.

Marc is a great stylist and I always find out new ways to wear basic wardrobe pieces or new color combinations. His Fall 2007 collection has a retro vibe, straight lines reminding of twenties Art Deco fashion and of the late eighties high society. Or so it seems to me.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2007Marc Jacobs Fall 2007

I especially like this outfit because of that spicy red leather pleated skirt. I looked for a similar one but all I could come with was a straight red leather skirt I found on eBay.

Fall trend: chain details

Fashion rocks! This fall rough chick look reaches heavy metal level. Silver, gold and pewter chains are used as statement necklaces and as handbag handles.

Fall trend: chain details: Fall trend: chain details