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fall 2007

Hoods are in style

I’d never thought I’d see this, again: separate hoods are the latest
trend in headwear. Most fashion collection of fall 2007 had at least
one chic hood cap up there, on the runway.

Hoods: Hoods

Attention on Heels

I admit having developed an unhealthy obsession over shoes but what woman who loves fashion hasn’t, right? Every season I have to own the latest style, the IT shoe of the season.


But this fall there are so many styles where you can choose from.

Studs are everywhere

Their launch in fashion was a few seasons ago but for Fall 2007 season studs are finally and definitely a must have. Balenciaga, Fendi, Givenchy, Prada and many other fashion designers played with studs on clothes, shoes and fashion accessories.


Feathery hats

Top choices for embellishment this fall, feathers and fringes outshined
embroidery, bead and flower appliqué of the past few seasons.

Feathery hats

Fall trend: chain details

Fashion rocks! This fall rough chick look reaches heavy metal level. Silver, gold and pewter chains are used as statement necklaces and as handbag handles.

Fall trend: chain details: Fall trend: chain details