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NDEUR "Graffiti" Shoes


If you're looking for a unique, funky-chic pair of shoes NDEUR is the answer. The artist behind this label is 25-year-old Canadian illustrator Matthieu Missiaen. He uses vintage leather shoes as a canvas for graffiti inspired drawings using oil-based paints and each pattern is one of a kind.


NDEUR shoes and graphic patterns are available at Prices range from $225 for shoes available on stock to $250 for customized shoes. Enter your feet measurements and style requests and Matthieu will find vintage shoes on your measure and paint them. You can also send your own old pair of leather shoes and have them transformed in a work of art. You can see more of Matthieu Missiaen's work at


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To be honest, I love these *embarrassed*

HOWEVER, I feel they have a tight time frame until they go out of style, so rock these hard ladies!

Not only is my GF shoe mad, I am also a graffiti artist, I think I know what she's getting for her birthday heh. Oops just checked the link - the Etsy store is down...