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Lara Miller Bamboo Clothing

Here it is another proof of how stylish, sophisticated and innovative eco-friendly clothing can be. Young designer Lara Miller (Chicago) creates beautiful clothes from handmade bamboo soft jerseys and unique wovens.
Lara Miller spring 2008 collection

Lara Miller spring 2008 collection
Conceptual pieces within spring 2008 collection can be twisted, wrapped and
flipped to reveal a new garment for each individual wearer. Balancing
these conceptual designs are classic tailored garments with unique
details. Smart, eco-friendly clothes that reveal one's individuality describe the future of fashion.
Lara Miller style means sophisticated comfortable clothing; the trademark FLIP Line encourages women to enjoy wearing a garment in various ways and make a display of their personal style. Watch the clip on her official website to see how a black jersey dress molds into several different LBD's.
Lara Miller FLIP line
Designer Lara Miller began her career in fashion while still studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After interning with local clothing companies, Lara began showcasing her designs at Wicker Park's fashion boutique, p45. A participation in Around the Coyote Arts Festival in 2002 as p45's Exhibiting Artist and her career took off. The Lara Miller collections are now carried in 17 retail stores in the U.S. and online at The Greenloop.
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Nice collection, shame it is not available in the UK market as yet.

Very cool designs, I submit to your attention our site, being a t-shirt company that produces tees in Bamboo Cotton. The characteristic of this fabric is, apart from its sustainability, a super soft feel, silky.

Oh I am so glad you wrote about Lara Miller! I work at a boutique that carries her line and lots of other sustainable/organic designs. All of it is eco friendly!

What are the retail stores where her stuff is carried?

You can find Lara Miller's designs at,,, &

One of my favorites is the Donna Dress --perfect dress for summer. So versatile that I managed a summer wedding weekend getaway with only 1 dress! Find it at

Ah, I see this is an old post, actually I was just searching for info on Lara Miller as I saw her latest outfits - nice. Ok time to look for reviews of the latest stuff.

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your interest and support for my line!

I just launched my online shop - come check it out at and thanks so much again for all of your support! Very warmly, Lara