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Diamonds are my new best friends


I admit that, until now, I did not have a very good opinion on diamond jewelry - I don't know why but I just always related them with a lack of taste, useless starlets (a.k.a. footballers' wives) and a cruel way of showing ones wealth (something like endangered species furs).

This was my impression until I stepped upon Apples of Gold Jewelry, an online seller specializing in gold jewelry, wedding rings, diamond rings and gemstone jewelry. What is great about this company, whose name derives from the Book of Proverbs, is its commitment for ethics, integrity and honesty in business, which is a rare thing when speaking about the luxury market in general, and about diamonds, in particular.

colored diamond rings

colored diamond rings

They offer high quality merchandise, favoring unique styles, together with affordable pricing, often 50% below standard retail. I already set my eyes on a $265.00 diamond ring and, if an independent blogger affords diamonds, these are clearly reasonable prices.

They're newest line of colored diamonds brings a fresh vibe in the diamond jewelry business. This is a slick, fashionable range of minimalist and floral designs, which are both modern and classy and, moreover, less expensive than a traditional white diamond. Along with these contemporary designs, Apples of Gold Jewelry revives some of the most wonderful antique designs in Victorian and Art Deco style, mixing the modern multi-stone look with intricate and lace effect.

antique styles diamond rings

antique styles diamond rings

My favorite precious metal is the white gold, as you might have noticed, but the offer also includes a wide range of yellow and rose gold diamond rings as well as two and tri-color gold jewelry. These are true treasures that will last through generations.

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Wow, those are beautiful rings. I recently bought a colored diamond bracelet and I adore it. Maybe a ring is next! I used to think I shouldn't buy diamonds for myself. But hey, why not?!

I loved the rings and Necklaces. i am Jewelry freak and love to wear top designs and diamonds...

Those diamond rings look great! I want one!

Thanks for the interesting article, but where is the description of trends for 2012? I would love to read. I write articles for women in Russia, we have very little information.

YEah i like the diamonds too. lovely colors...

those rings are precious.
i want one!

Ahh... what a beauty. $265 sounds not to bad at all. And I do have tri-color gold jewelry in my collection which fascinates me till today :)

I keep trying to convince my husband to get me one of those but unfortunately he is kinda of cheap... LOL
He keep promising me a $50,000 ring for our 10th anniversary.. I guess there are 8 more years to go :-(

Diamonds are my best friend too.. but i think i am not their best bud.. hehe. coz i can't afford them right now.

Diamond rings are ok. And what about diamond watches? I think it is men's way to express their love to diamonds.

i like those colored diamonds.
but, are colored diamonds naturally occuring? or, do they make them in a lab? any thoughts. i guess it doesn't really matter, as long as it looks nice.

antique styles tend to be a bit gaudy but these are quite elegant.

Diamonds are my best friend :) I really love the colored diamond rings. They are very unique and you don't see them very often.

I love the rings in the antique designs in Victorian style. There's something about Victorian style that makes me feel like I'm in medieval times and I live in a castle.

I used to spend a lot of time at jewellery auctions buying antique jewellery at fairly reasonable prices.

They have all turned out to be quite an investment and to be truthful in general the antique jewellery is far superior in quality to a lot of the modern pieces today.

However I discovered one shop which sells hot diamonds range and I have found that these pieces are timeless and have a quality about them.

I do love the look of some of the antique style diamond rings that you have on your site!

from all of the world, diamond is the best and number one jewelry, its like the stone have a magic power to make women look more beautiful i think

antique styles diamond rings, its unique design and very details

I gone through post - Diamonds are my new best friends, really interesting.

I have to agree, the black diamond is grand.

Ooooh it's expensive jewelry and high class jewelry collection

Oooooh, the black diamond is awesome. Can't get enough of those.

Thanks for the article. Diamonds are great but not affordable for every one. If you want to get the diamond shine in the price of silver then you should consider the sapphires. Sapphire jewelry is the best alternate of the diamonds in a very low price. It is hard to identify a sapphire from the diamonds collection.


Do you think the diamond trade will suffer in the current economic climate or be relatively unchanged?

I think although every business will be effected to some extent, expensive items will suffer less as only rich people can afford them anyway.

Is yellow gold ever going to make a comeback? I like white myself. There seems to be a generation gap with older people preferring yellow. Why buy an antique looking ring when you can buy the real thing. Am I alone in loving real vintage jewelry?

I REALLy like the old style rings. Something about a midevil looking ring or earring that is really appealing. Especially with a dark colored diamond in it. Cool stuff.

Diamonds are great for men as well, there are companies that sell great looking ones as well.

The rings are great. Colored diamonds help make jewelry more unique and personal.

Beautiful and out of all I now choose one for my engagement...Thanks...

I have earings with black diamonds. This ring is made in the same style, so they'll make a fine set together.

I am really in love with antique style engagement rings. white gold is definitely the best metal to have these made in.

I don't usually go to jewelries but this blue diamond really brings me to jitters! I really want one!

I love those colored diamonds, they can be breathtaking. It is really great to switch things up once in a while.

I like diamonds, i love to wear them. Any women would look gorgeous wearing the diamonds.

I love too! I received a gorgeous diamond ring from my boyfriend when we got engaged.

getting diamond ring from your loved one is the most precious gift of your life.Diamond has its unique spark that's the reason diamond is the first choice of any women.

Nice diamond rings. Like the one with black gem. Diamond ring is the best way to express your love to your life partner and a precious gift as well.