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Coca Zaboloteanu shoes


Coca Zaboloteanu is an emerging Romanian shoe label synonym for playful-retro-chic style. Coca, a 26 years old fashionista, got a BA in Dental Medicine but decided to make her passion for shoes into a fashion business.

She started by drawing sketches and getting professional manual labor while learning shoe manufacturing techniques by herself. Shortly after she opened a small design studio in Bucharest and launched an exclusive line of unique shoes.  


Coca Zaboloteanu fall 2008 line


The inspiration came from 20s-30s fashions, thus the modern versions of the Jazz, Oxford and Mary-Jane shoes while the modern touches are given by playful leather combinations of different textures and colors as well as leather appliqués: bows and tassels. Recently, the designer added to her collection alluring ankle boots and color-block pumps that evoke other retro styles but have the same quirky-chic charm. 



Until the designer decides to start a blog/open an online store you can admire her shoe line at Coca's Gallery and order your favorite pair of Coca Zaboloteanu shoes through her friend's blog: Diana Bobar of

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